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Principal Investigators

Informações biográficas dos pesquisadores, as linhas de pesquisas e últimos papers publicados.

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Licio Augusto Velloso
Studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms leading to hypothalamic dysfunction in obesity.
Ronaldo Aloise Pilli
Coordinator of education and knowledge dissemination
Acts with the target-specific development of drugs for obesity and diabetes.
João Eduardo P. Furtado
Technology Transfer Coordinator
Everardo Carneiro
Main Researcher
Conducts evaluation of the role of nutrient deficiency in insulin resistance and obesity.
Anibal E. Vercesi
Main Researcher
Studies bionergetics and mitochondrial redox state in the context of metabolic diseases.
Antônio C. Boschero
Main Researcher
Studies the characterization of molecular and cellular defects of pancreatic islets in experimental models of obesity and diabetes.
Carlos E. Negrão
Main Researcher
Studies molecular mechanisms linking physical activity to improved metabolic control.
Helena C. F. de Oliveira
Main Researcher
Studies molecular mechanisms linking obesity and insulin resistance to atherosclerosis.
Heraldo P. De Souza
Main Researcher
Analyses immune response and thermogenesis in critically ill obese patients.
Heitor Moreno Jr.
Main Researcher
Studies the role of gene polymorphisms on hemodynamic parameter and vascular stiffness in obese resistant hypertensive patients.
José A. R. Gontijo
Main Researcher
Studies the fetal programming and renal function in experimental models of nutritional overload and nutritional deficiency.
José B. C. Carvalheira
Main Researcher
Studies molecular mechanisms linking obesity and cancer.
Mário J. A. Saad
Main Researcher
Studies molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance. Methods to study hypothalamic dysfunction and energy expenditure in humans.
Silvana A. Bordin
Main Researcher
Studies the circadian integration of energy metabolism.
Wilson Nadruz
Main Researcher
Studies the impact of obesity, adiposity and hypertension on cardiac remodeling.