Marcelo Alves da Silva Mori

Principal Investigator
Expertise in Biology of aging and the interface with energy metabolism. Keywords: Aging, miRNAs, Adipose Tissue, Diabetes, Obesity

Institute of Biology  – University of Campinas

Laboratório de Biologia do Envelhecimento (LaBE)

The main purpose of our lab is to identify and characterize molecular mechanisms involved in the aging process and in response to dietary interventions. We pay particular interest to understand how metabolism contributes to the genesis of age-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases. We focus on the fat tissue – an important site of metabolic integration in multicellular organisms – and ask ourselves how this tissue responds to changes in energy balance and signals to other tissues to inform them about these changes. If not adjusted, this mechanism leads to several chronic diseases, especially in middle aged and elderly individuals. We identified that this control is at least in part exerted by changes in microRNA biogenesis in adipose tissue. When regulated, this process affects animal susceptibility to metabolic stress and influences lifespan.


Technical staff

  • Elzira Elisabeth Saviani

Research Fellow

  • Danilo Lopes Ferrucci
  • Felippe Mousovich Neto
  • Juliano Quintella Dantas Rodrigues
  • Narayana P. B. Fazolini


  • Andrea Livia Rocha
  • Carlos Alberto Vergani Junior
  • Deisi Lilian Braga
  • Gabriel Palermo Ruiz
  • Gerson Profeta de Souza
  • Henrique Camara
  • Mehmet Dinçer İnan
  • Raissa Guimarães Ludwig
  • Silas Pinto da Silva
  • Thiago Leite Knittel
  • Carolina Mie Kawagosi Onodera


  • Guilherme Tonon
  • Matheus Pedroni Negrão
  • Sweta Sarmah
  • Willian Goulart Salgueiro

Scientific Initiation

  • Rhaissa Godoi

scholarship SAE (Student Support Service)

  • Alexandre de Souza Santos
  • Jéssica Rodrigues de Andrade
  • Raul Gobato da Costa

main discoveries

The lab has described how the miRNA biogenesis pathway can be altered in the adipose tissue with aging, obesity and lipodystrophy, and how such changes in miRNA expression contribute to the onset of chronic diseases. We have also contributed to the discovery of the adipose tissue as one of the most important sources of circulating miRNAs acting to mediate intertissue communication.

main articles

  • De-Souza EA, Camara H, Salgueiro WG, Moro RP, Knittel TL, Tonon G, Pinto S, Pinca, AP, Antebi A, Pasquinelli A, Massirer KB, Mori MA. RNA Interference May Result in Unexpected Phenotypes in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nucleic Acid Research. 2019 Mar 6. pii: gkz154. Citations: 1
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