Marcio Alberto Torsoni

Principal Investigator
Works on topics related to maternal obesity and epigenetic damage, diabetes and central control of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Keywords: Fetal programming, hypothalamus, cholinergic, homeostasis, obesity, high fat diet.

Faculty of Applied Sciences – State University of Campinas

Laboratory of Metabolic Disorders

The laboratory has interest in the investigation of the associated mechanism to damage to body homeostasis (inflammatory and anti-inflammatory response, glucose homeostase, energy expenditure and food intake) in models of metabolic programming and diet-induce obesity. The laboratory has interest in molecular mechanisms associated with autophagy, proteostasis, apoptosis, DNA methylation, microRNA and lipid metabolism. Fetal programming and consumption of a high-fat diet have important effects on energy homeostasis and inflammatory response. The cholinergic system participates of the control of inflammatory response and neuronal excitation. Damage to the cholinergic system has profound impact on hypothalamic activity, potency of the inflammatory response, prevention of cell damage and hormonal signaling. We investigated which molecular mechanisms are involved in the damage to the cholinergic system as well the effects on the control of body homeostasis.



  • Lais Simino


  • Priscila Karla Lopes
  • Alana Veras
  • Suleyma de Oliveira Costa
  • Wenicios Ferreira
  • Camila Libardi do Amaral


  • Caroline Lobo Costa


  • Isis Martins
  • Larissa Bruzasco
  • Gabriela Claudiano
  • Ana Beatriz Lopes


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