Ronaldo Aloise Pilli

Coordinator of education and knowledge dissemination
Acts with the target-specific development of drugs for obesity and diabetes.

Institute of Chemistry – University of Campinas

Laboratório de Síntese Orgânica



  • Walkyria Miyashita


  • Bruno Matos Paz
  • Carolyne Brustolin Braga


  • Franco Della Felice
  • Ian de Toledo
  • Marcela Campelo Silva
  • Matheus Meirelles
  • Juliana Lira Reguera
  • Ajmir Khan


  • Luis Henrique Defante
  • Ana Leticia Pires


  • Total synthesis of pheromones (serricornin, invictolide, and sitofilure sulcatol);
  • Drug synthesis (Ritalin, Prozac, etc.);
  • Synthesis of macrolides (10-desoximetinolide, delactomicin, decarestrictin D, among others);
  • Synthesis of alkaloids (homopumiliotoxin 223G, indollizidin 223AB, stemoamid, among others);
  • Synthesis of analogues of natural products with cytotoxic activity (goniotalamin and piplartin).


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